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Our Story



ODC was founded in 2014 by Chhaiya Im and Soo Buckle in response to Chhaiya’s dream of creating a ‘passport out of poverty’ for children and youth in his home country, Cambodia. 


English, in Chhaiya’s experience, has been one the main ways to help improve employment outcomes and children currently have limited access to quality English education, focusing on not just reading and writing but also speaking and colloquial comprehension. Jobs, not only give money, but can also help fund higher education. And Chhaiya dreamt of shaping youth to not only to alleviate their socio-economic realities but also develop a rich future with further education and exposure.


“A man's dream to create a better future for his people and empower children with an English education, began on 4th Jan 2015. It started in a humble hut in his parents' backyard."

In 2016, The school hut was expanded to accommodate more students.


In 2017, With his own savings and a bank mortgage, Chhaiya bought a plot of land and built his new school that gave over 20 students the opportunity to learn English.

In 2018, As student number grew, a second hut was added allowing more than 70 students to attend English classes.





With the support of international sponsors, ODC was registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia. It was able to employ 3 local teachers to provide a high quality of English education to more and more students.


Our Future - "The reputation of ODC providing excellent education with committed and caring staff spreads and more students have registered. ODC will begin a pilot program for 6-7 year old children to study an expanded curriculum, learning Maths, Science and Social Studies in English."

About the Founder

After high school, he went to a Buddhist monastery (Wat Damnak) for an English education. He was a brilliant student with a big heart and a big dream. 


Through sheer, hard work and perseverance, he finally abtained his Bachelor Degree in Finance, and got a job as a teacher of English at Australian Center of Education (ACE) in Siem Reap town. . 


Chhaiya could have found a nice job in a bank and his life could have been quite confortable, but he had a dream. So, he decided to pursue the education path. After half a year, he resigned from the school and began teaching English at monasteries to monks and some other private institutions. In guiding career as a freelancer, he  is always well-known for his knowedge, hard work, honesty and caring to  the people he has led. 


His dream was to continue his education overseas so that he will be more equipped to help his people. He has a big dream to open free schools for all disadvantaged students from every corner across the country. His hope is to see Cambodia blossom into a country  that is full of educated people, led by authentic leaders, and the people do not have to go andwork outside of the country and can live in peace and prosperity everywhere, not only in Cambodia, but also in this whole world.

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